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Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

The End of Time - P.W. Catanese We start off the book with Umber falling into his moods, in fact this one is the worst yet, as a result of what happened in the previous book. Balfour, who hopes to restore Umber to his regular self, takes him (or rather kidnaps because he refuses to go) on an adventure. Luckily, something happens on the adventure to bring Umber back to his old self again ^_^ After this the reader and the gang are thrown into numerous fast paced adventures.

I loved this book. No lie. The plot, from the first book, has been tightly placed and there are no unnecessary fillers. Hap really comes into his own in this one as he accepts his role of a Meddler. Most (if not all) the mysteries surrounding the Meddlers have been revealed. We also get a better understanding of how the Meddlers think.

So we've come to the conclusion of this trilogy that has action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and a sprinkling of romance and it was a satisfying end. We get a glimpse into all our favourite character's lives also ^_^

ahh Oates you big lug, I'm going to miss you. Umber and your eccentric ways *sniffles* and lastly Hap, may you have an adventure of a lifetime ;) (*hint* you probably will in your old age )

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