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Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean One of my first thoughts when starting this book, was that this was going to be fun. I was right.

Lady Phillipa Marbury needs ruination, and who better to provide the ruination than Cross. Of course when Pippa, proposes this thought research project, laying it all out with scientific explanations (you cannot not laugh during this) Cross thinks her mad and denies. Of course, we as readers know this will not be the last of those two, no matter how badly Cross tries to deny it.

Which brings me to Cross, at times I wanted to huggle him, because, man, this rake has a lot of things haunting him. There are other times I wanted him for myself, heh, there is a reason why this man is a notorious scoundrel, hehe. And one time in particular I wanted to slap some sense into him, but thankfully, he remedied that.

Pippa, Pippa, Pippa, I adored her. For a brilliant woman she was so naive, but it was that special thinking of her, her scientific mind that that made me love her. And she was honest, refreshingly so with herself, and others. That, I think set her apart from other heroines.

And the banter, their wonderful, funny, lovely banter kept me turning the pages. Seriously, like every line was a joy to read and it just proved to me that they were made for each other. They understand each other.

All in all this was a pretty great read. Also a memorable read (in the good way), and in the historical romance department, I'll say that's something right there.

Read it.