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Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

Thief of Shadows - Elizabeth Hoyt Someone get me a fan please? lol... Let me just start off by saying this book is amazing. Seriously. I'm sure from the early part of the series some of us have wondered, what's the truth behind Winter Makepeace? I know I have.

And man oh man, does Hoyt deliver. It always amazes me how she creates such characters. And Winter is up there with my all time favourite Heroes. For the mild-mannered, staunch in his principles, man he portrays, he has such emotion underneath it all. He feel with a great deal of passion but it is so tightly leashed, and that part only comes out when he's the Ghost, and when he meets Isabel.

Isabel, there's another Heroine I adored. She was witty (another plus for this book, I absolutely loved the dialogue) and charming woman, and underneath it all (maybe not as deep underneath as Winter), she too felt. She has an open heart, and she really has a lot to give, but a past hurt is her struggle. My heart goes out to her for what she was struggling with, because it cannot be easy, but thankfully Winter was there to bust down her walls.

So on that end I do believe the romance was strong, because although you have these two seemingly mismatched people, they really love each other with the strength of their beings.

The plot of course, was very engaging. Hello, we are talking about the Ghost of St. Giles, so we have swashbuckling action - Huzzah for sword fights!- A dose of intrigue, and of course a wonderful romance budding between to endearing characters.

P.S. I love Winter Makepeace. *drowns in own pool of drool*