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Endless Knight by Kresley Cole - Review

I shall put my disclaimer. This is not everyone's cup of tea, in some aspects it's slightly better than Poison Princess, in others I think it's worse -the not-everyones-cup-of-tea aspect.

I'm not so much going to review the writing, because really it's Kresley Cole and I love her writing. So it's more about the characters.

I found Endless Knight a lot much better than Poison Princess in terms of Jack being more tolerable (*gasp* I know right?). Why would I start off the review with speaking about Jack? Well because he was a main point of contention for many readers in the last book. And while I don't think that his personality has changed I think the focus was more on his nicer(?) qualities, so it made him more tolerable. What is his good quality? At the end of the day, he does care about Evie and will move the earth just to help her, despite, you know...him being mortal (or is he?) and she being more powerful than him. Even if he doesn't want to, he can't help it (<--Don't go blaming Evie for that Jack, you are master of your own actions), Jack didn't tick me off as much as he did in the last book.

Do you know who ticked me off? And yes this may come as a surprise to many of you, especially those who are swooning over him, but Death ticked me off. Evie ticked me off because of how she was getting mixed feelings about Death when the guy [spoiler] Had her in, if memory serves right, BARBED HANDCUFFS. not exactly but they were digging into her skin. She was basically his prisoner. He kept her weak and at the same time she'd get googly-eyed at him, really?!

[/spoiler] And I don't know if it was some stockholm syndrome or maybe past lives creeping in(because from the summary we all know Death and the Empress had a little thing going on), but I can't wrap my head around someone being sympathetic to him in this life. Yes he got dealt a bad hand before, which does explain his rather extreme measures, but there comes a time when a girl has got to take a stand. Granted Evie had done that at the end of the day, but it's the wavering I couldn't stand. I've determined it to be a character flaw. There are times when Evie is just too soft-hearted.

That being said, when she goes in to Empress mode....there will be blood. She's pretty vicious, her powers can be very underhanded when you think about it. It probably explains her soft-heart because she doesn't *want* to be the Big Bad. Still she stepped up her game in this one (well considering all that she's coming from and what she's been through it's expected). We see that despite being known as the Empress, she is different that her previous incarnations, whether this was because her upbringing was different who's to say. In any case it's because of this, that she ends up being able to form more allies.

Plot-wise there were some twists and turns that you could've seen coming, but enjoyable none-the-less. It still remains a very interesting book, hence the reason why I haven't given up. I'm not usually a fan of dystopia (unless there's some really cool elements, or it's by a writer I really love) but the Tarot Cards aspect is I actually didn't mind the pacing despite it being somewhat of a filler, and I say this loosely because so much happens for it to be considered a filler, but it's definitely setting up for bigger things.

There's also been talk about that card that will not be revealed until he/she makes their first kill. Well golly gee I wonder who that might be? Of course we could all be completely wrong in our assumptions that it's...you-know-who.

Again, if it weren't for Death, I'd give this four stars. Needless to say, these love interests need some serious work. There are some other little nitpicks, which, I really wish I had written the review right after I read the book, and not a month later XD, because I cannot remember the points.

So I mostly recommend it for those who loved the first book, and those who are on the fence. One way or another this book should make up your mind as to whether or not you'd continue. Honestly it all depends on your threshold for love interests that aren't so lovely >.>

Oh another note, there are betrayals...everywhere.

(pssssst. the steam factor just got pushed up a lot in this book)