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Spackle-the-Fritz on Books

Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

Simply Irresistible - Rachel Gibson It was a fun read and I liked Georgie's character because we can actually see how she grew as a person from the beginning to the end of the book. We see her history as a child, so we can understand why she was going to marry John's boss in the beginning. We see her at a low point in her life and we also see how she was able to turn it around, and grow confident in herself.

What really detracted from the story for me (and maybe it's just me because a lot of people seemed to love this book) was that I somehow felt like I missed out on the part where John was falling in love with Georgie. Georgie falling in love with him I didn't mind, though it was more like another variation of insta-love, the feelings were there and when it's like that I can understand it. The most I could say with John was that there was attraction on his part.

Otherwise it can be an enjoyable read.