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Spackle-the-Fritz on Books

Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

The Calling - Kelley Armstrong aah man, I want more! lol, so this book picks up almost right after where The Gathering ended and it was a fast paced, not stop action book. I loved it and the only downside is that i have to wait until next year to read the next book TT_TT.

One of the main things i loved about this book are how the characters were written. You have fair amount of them sharing a scene and at the same time the story doesn't feel bogged down because of it. They aren't flat, and they have been created so fully, that you know them as people. They each have their own distinct personalities that you feel that you're actually witnessing a group of people talking, arguing, making jokes, etc.

And again, I think I mentioned this before in my review for The Gathering, but I absolutely love Daniel's and Maya's relationship. They are such good friends and you know that no matter what, they'll have each others' back.

Corey - the perpetual joker I enjoyed because really, when tensions are running high, in the situation that the group was in (stranded, hurt, no food, cold) you need someone to break the ice, and Corey did that, except for when the tension started to get to him also, but then that only happened when things were really getting bad. Also I really can't wait to find out what kind of Supernatural he is

Rafe - oh Rafe, I wish there was more of you in the book. But honestly, with the way how the story was paced, you didn't *have time* to miss him, but man the more I learn about him, the more I like him (though I think Derek may be my no.1 ).

More mysteries have popped up and I really can't wait to read the next book to see how it is all resolved, and *gasp* Maya and Co. are going to meet up with Chloe and Co. Eagerly anticipating the next book.