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Spackle-the-Fritz on Books

Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

White Cat - Holly Black Not sure what genre it falls under, which is why I have both the paranormal and urban fantasy genre.

Now onto the review XD...I have been waiting to read this book from the moment it came out, although I have read, or at least started Tithe by the same author, but I just couldn't get into the book and dropped it. Fortunately this was not the case this book ^_^

And I must say I am a sucker for the con-artist type books.

Plot-wise this book was pretty good, it kept twisting and turning so the reader is in for some surprises, and even if they guessed them, the book is written in a way that you'll still enjoy the reveal.

Cassel's family is...wow, well let's just say they have some things they need to work out, and though Cassel himself is a grey character, you'll still want to root for him, because I think where it counts he's not so bad. (love the grandpa) and well that ending was a whopper...not a cliff hanger per se...but still a whopper

Review can also be found at musingsandbooksandmore.blogspot.com