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The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa 4.5 stars

I loved it, I loved it, I loved it...how does Julie Kagawa keep doing it?

And oh Ethan...I'm adding you to my harem of book heroes *waggles eyebrows* lol what can I say...I'm a lecherous old woman trapped in a young lady's body....heh

But yeah (this review's going to be a short one), The Lost Prince was just darn amazing. Those who are fans of Julie Kagawa, this is a must-read, those who aren't what are you waiting for.

Ethan is all grown up now, with a chip on his shoulder, but it works for him, because he's smart. And understand why Meghan's little brother turned into this...brooding, angsty, kid...now I'm not usually a big fan of angst (I know weird me, right?) but the way how Ethan does it (or Kagawa I should say) doesn't make me want to slam his head in the wall...

Kierran! boy don't ...just don't break my heart...please..

Kenzie...I actually didn't mind her...I know there were some reviewers who said they didn't care for her..but I think she balanced out Ethan's broodiness quite nicely...

Of course Grimalkin's there as well...and gosh darn it, I freakin' love that cat! he's the best.

and man oh man the plot...I just really want to know how things are going to work out, because there are so many paths this could take...and it's just going to twist my heart into knots...

No, it did not end on a cliff hanger...but yowza, there was some food for thought there.