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Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

The Rising - Kelley Armstrong Well, I do believe this was a satisfying end to a pretty good series ^_^

It was a bit slow in starting, kind of reminiscent of the first book. Not completely, but it took a while to pick up - pace-wise, but once the ball got rolling it got going. This book, well series really (starting from the Darkest Powers) has been a good mix of suspense, action and romance.

And I really do like how the author handled the romance. It was very smart and mature in my opinion. The parties involved obviously do care for each other and there is respect there, it may not have been an easy decision but it was smart and well done. That's all I will say to that.

As for the characters, well I think I've already gushed enough about them throughout the series. They're real, they have a bond forged between them that will stay through thick and thin, and the feels, they keep coming and won't stop..

Did I mention Chloe and the gang were there too? Granted, it was only for around the last quarter of the book, but that was fine, because the Darkness Rising Trilogy wasn't about them, we already know them and the resolution, while it may not have been wrapped in a shiny new bow, was smart. I keep using that word right? But it's true. There are still some issues that will need to be worked out, but for the most part, it's decent deal.

pssst... I'm really happy who Maya ended up with.

Here there be spoilers as to who Maya ended up with ---> I still do love Rafe (really, boy's heart is golden). I really do like how both he and Maya handle the end of their relationship. Maya understood that it wouldn't be fair to him, and he understood, that right then and there, may have not been the best of times for their relationship, and because they cared and respected each other they made the smart decision, and I love how that was handled.

On another note Maya and Daniel have always had that certain chemistry between them, and it's even better that they are best friends ^_^