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Home for the Holidays - Sarah Mayberry So generally I'm not much of a contemporary romance reader. I usually stick to historical romance, urban-fantasy, or paranormal romance, but the reviews were good and I decided to take a chance.

I don't regret it.

This was such a heartwarming and man if I didn't feel my throat clogging up a couple of times.

Joe Lawson is a single dad whose wife, whom he loved very, died two years prior to the book. He's not looking for love, he's not thinking of finding a new love. Not when everywhere he turns he finds a memory of his dead wife. So he and his family moves elsewhere, in a bid for Joe to not be surrounded so much by his memories.

Then he meets Hannah. Motorcycle riding, car fixing, straight shooter Hannah. She's sure as hell not looking for love either, not with what happened to her before, but you know how these things go. You can't fight love.

The two meet and...well it wasn't off to a good start, but you through a series of events their relationship grows into something that can be. Their relationship felt real, and it wasn't insta-lust, nor was it insta-love, which is always a plus, there wasn't any contrived drama but rather real issues that they dealt with, and are stronger for it.

Now kids in a romance is never an easy thing to do (personally I love it when it's done right) but I think Ms. Mayberry captured them perfectly. They're not syrupy sweet, and neither are they obnoxious and my heart goes out to the kids for what they went through. It can't be easy.

All in all, the writing was well done, characterizations were real, and the relationship was beautiful.

Now can I huggles them all?