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Assassin's Heart - Monica Burns 2.5 stars - not my cuppa tea

Well I liked the (apparently) ongoing plot in the books. I haven't read the previous ones, but the underlying story seems interesting, and the world rich. However, this was one of the most difficult books for me to read.


The total and complete angst-fest in this book. The main characters have angst, the side characters have angst, heck, even one of the villains suffers from bouts of angst. Now I know some people love angst, which is why I say this is not my cup of tea. I can handle it, in small to moderate doses, not in liberal amounts, and then some.

Then there's the relationship between the H/H every time we think okay, they're moving ahead in their relationship, oh no. Instead we find them moving, two steps backward. It got to the point where I was glazing over the words and waiting for the book to finish. This could have been remedied with a swift kick in the head to the Hero and Heroine of the story.

It should also be noted that this book is a part of a series and I would suggest that if you want to read this series, start from the first book. There's an ongoing story and as such, you may find yourself stumbling a bit, trying to figure out what's going on.

As I said before, the book isn't completely hopeless, I didn't feel a disconnect with the characters (despite wanting to throttle them), and I like the world building was good. I liked the parallel story of Cass and Maximus in ancient Rome. (See those two know how to work a relationship without the buckets of angst :P) Which can account for me rounding up to 3 stars.

Also I believe the reader would've benefited from a glossary of terms. just sayin'.