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Spackle-the-Fritz on Books

Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

MacRieve - Kresley Cole What kind of ending was that?! You do not end with a cliffy like that!

lol...now I have a next pairing to wait for before Nix's book, although chances are Nix's book will be the last in the series. Anywho onto the review :)

Can I just say I really like the heroine? I think Chloe's tied with Ellie from Lothaire, and they're alike too in terms of spunk. Though Chloe's got a higher dose on account of being a soccer (football) player. Even so, she can balance it with tenderness and fun, so yeah..she's cute :) And I feel for her because she was basically thrown into the Lore, and for those of you who have read the 3 chapter excerpt: you know that her father is Webb So it's a lot to take in.

But then there's Macrieve and though everything is going way too fast with him, he's essentially like a safe harbour...buuut, and you know there's a but in there, things come crashing to a head when Chloe makes her transition into an immortal and guess what kind it was? You remember the 3 chpt excerpt? you remember Ruelle? Needless to Macrieve (ullieam, will -a man of many an alias-) flips out and well things aren't pretty, and there are times when Macrieve does some really, stupid things. But Chloe doesn't take that crap ^_^ she gives as good as she gets, and well she was tough when she was mortal, and when she immortal whoo boy MacRieve, I suggest you protect your crown jewels *snickers*

They get everything sorted out and this book made it to my favourites in the IAD series, mostly because of before the revelation and after when they got everything sorted out. You see a man who would protect his mate, who's happy with his mate, and just plain loves and enjoys her company (not to say that this doesn't happen in the other books, but it's really more pronounced here) and in that way, this book reminded me of Sebastian's and Kaderin's book. Otherwise this book more reminded me of Lothaire's in terms of what the Hero [heh..lothaire a hero] believes ought to happen, as opposed to will happen versus what has happened.

As for the steam, it's Kresley Cole, of course you're in for a hot treat. Still, I do believe that Lothaire has been the hottest book in the series so far, not to mention that pairing was fun.

All in all this was a pretty solid read from KC.