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Because really, who doesn't go on a fritz for books?

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost 3.5 stars
Vengeance Born - Kylie Griffin 2.5 stars
London's Perfect Scoundrel - Suzanne Enoch 4.5 stars...only because I wish there was more to the ending.
One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean One of my first thoughts when starting this book, was that this was going to be fun. I was right.

Lady Phillipa Marbury needs ruination, and who better to provide the ruination than Cross. Of course when Pippa, proposes this thought research project, laying it all out with scientific explanations (you cannot not laugh during this) Cross thinks her mad and denies. Of course, we as readers know this will not be the last of those two, no matter how badly Cross tries to deny it.

Which brings me to Cross, at times I wanted to huggle him, because, man, this rake has a lot of things haunting him. There are other times I wanted him for myself, heh, there is a reason why this man is a notorious scoundrel, hehe. And one time in particular I wanted to slap some sense into him, but thankfully, he remedied that.

Pippa, Pippa, Pippa, I adored her. For a brilliant woman she was so naive, but it was that special thinking of her, her scientific mind that that made me love her. And she was honest, refreshingly so with herself, and others. That, I think set her apart from other heroines.

And the banter, their wonderful, funny, lovely banter kept me turning the pages. Seriously, like every line was a joy to read and it just proved to me that they were made for each other. They understand each other.

All in all this was a pretty great read. Also a memorable read (in the good way), and in the historical romance department, I'll say that's something right there.

Read it.
Love You to Death - Shannon K. Butcher 3.5 stars
Duke of Midnight - Elizabeth Hoyt, Elizabeth Hoyt na na na...BATMAN!!! or...the Georgian period's version of batman
Blame It on Bath - Caroline Linden 3.5 rating
The Lazarus Machine - Paul Crilley 3.5 stars

Well this was a fun read, not exactly a light read, but definitely a fun read indeed.

I've never read any of Mr. Crilley's books before, but the world that he created in The Lazarus Machine is very rich, and if you're looking for a steampunk book that definitely shows the steampunkness (not a word I know) then this book is good bet. You can see the use of these unique machines in everyday life. There are also some models which have a certain "feature" which ties up into the story.

The plot was tight, and I think well paced. There weren't any parts where it seemed to drag. I don't really want to say much else, in the event that I reveal something that ought not to be. I must say I really do like this web that Mr. Crilley has spun.

The characters were fun, they had their own quirks. There was Barnaby, the father that had a taste for flair, logical and rational Sebastian Tweed but still naive in some ways, Octavia Nightingale who really I think was a quite strong character, in terms of how she kept her hope for so long, Carter and Jenny, such a lively couple XD, and then there was Stepp the programming genius. The banter throughout was witty and fun. I'm not sure whose I like more, Carter and Jenny or Octavia and Tweed.

That said there was something that, although this book scored high on the major points, was missing. I didn't quite feel myself, really pulled in until midway. (Although, the banter did draw a chuckle out of me a couple of times), but after that things seemed to have drawn me in, so in my mind this added up to the higher end of the 3 star rating, hence the round up.

The book end is pretty satisfying. It should be noted however, that there are still some more things left to be resolved, though it is nothing major to warrant a cliffhanger.

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His Wicked Ways - Samantha James 3.5 rating
The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa 4.5 stars

I loved it, I loved it, I loved it...how does Julie Kagawa keep doing it?

And oh Ethan...I'm adding you to my harem of book heroes *waggles eyebrows* lol what can I say...I'm a lecherous old woman trapped in a young lady's body....heh

But yeah (this review's going to be a short one), The Lost Prince was just darn amazing. Those who are fans of Julie Kagawa, this is a must-read, those who aren't what are you waiting for.

Ethan is all grown up now, with a chip on his shoulder, but it works for him, because he's smart. And understand why Meghan's little brother turned into this...brooding, angsty, kid...now I'm not usually a big fan of angst (I know weird me, right?) but the way how Ethan does it (or Kagawa I should say) doesn't make me want to slam his head in the wall...

Kierran! boy don't ...just don't break my heart...please..

Kenzie...I actually didn't mind her...I know there were some reviewers who said they didn't care for her..but I think she balanced out Ethan's broodiness quite nicely...

Of course Grimalkin's there as well...and gosh darn it, I freakin' love that cat! he's the best.

and man oh man the plot...I just really want to know how things are going to work out, because there are so many paths this could take...and it's just going to twist my heart into knots...

No, it did not end on a cliff hanger...but yowza, there was some food for thought there.
Dream Man - Linda Howard 3.5 stars
Edge of Sight - Roxanne St. Claire 3.5 rating.
Dark Star - Bethany Frenette not really urban fantasy but I have no idea what to classify it as, not completely superhero-ish but definitely a fun read.

Mortal Danger - Eileen Wilks 3.5 stars...but on the higher end.
My Lady Mage - Alexis Morgan 2 - 2.5 rating...

Honestly, I suppose this was an okay read, well that's what two stars stands for, but for me, it never really clicked. Maybe it was because I was expecting something along the lines of C.L. Wilson's Tairen Soul, and was really psyched to read it.

However throughout the story (except for a brief period towards the end) I was thinking to myself, "when will this end?"

For one, the world seemed to be thinly developed, in terms of, for this type of book, I was expecting it to be high-fantasy. There's magic in here (no that alone doesn't make a high-fanatsy but bear with me), with these ancient warriors, who have been curse by the gods (by the way we know next to nothing about these gods) and they can be summoned in times of danger. There's an evil person practicing dark magic. But we never get the feeling of it. That's my problem right there, for something that's classified as fantasy-romance, I have never seen the world. It's just oh, "let me mention about magic here and there, and never explain anything, or show it in motion." Yes, Merewen uses magic, but we never get the sense/feel of it. Heck we don't know what it is really. But then again, that can be something the author plans on explaining later.

Which brings me to Merewen herself, much like the story, I didn't get any sense of personality itself and I felt that she was made out to be this perfect being. Oh everyone loves her, oh she does things that warms my heart, oh...she is so brave. Okay, fine, say that she is all those things, show it. Don't make her do something minor and then turn it into a big whoop-ti-do-da. It's like the author is telling us this character is so great, but I am yet to see great feats from her.

Gideon is another blah character, but at least we're not being bombarded the wonders of his everything.

In fact the more interesting characters in this book seemed to be the side characters and (more than anything else) the animals.

The writing, as I said before, seemed to be more of a telling than showing nature...or at least that's how it felt to me. And everything else was probably average...I'm probably in the minority here though, seeing as this has an average 4.01.

I didn't hate it though (aside from merewen's character..and it's more dislike than hate) so I won't rate it a one star.

Will I be checking out the other books? maybe, I still want to know what's going on (I'm a glutton for punishment), but I won't be breaking my neck to get a copy.

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The Crimson Crown - Cinda Williams Chima 4.5 stars really. But still very good ^_^